A haunting model for Halloween!
Date: 10-30-15 8:55AM | Category: rgdesigns

Enjoy this chillingly terrifying model in time for Halloween, enter if you dare...muhahaha.

Low Poly Modeling Techniques
Date: 08-28-14 8:29AM | Category: Tutorials - 3D

Let's take a look at low poly modeling, using high poly techniques. It'll make sense, I promise.

Photography, and Babies!
Date: 04-23-14 11:02AM | Category: rgdesigns

As of December, I'm a proud Dad of 2 (yes 2) beautiful babies. Just posting some new photos.

It's time for football, & logos!
Date: 09-04-13 4:43PM | Category: rgdesigns

A quick look at some alternate NFL logos by amatuer artists

VRay HDRI Compositing
Date: 04-04-13 9:59AM | Category: Tutorials - 3D

A detailed tutorial for compositing a CG model into an existing photograph using HDR lighting, and ground plane reflections.

Planar 3D Object Tracking
Date: 08-30-12 10:06AM | Category: Tutorials - 3D

An in-depth look at 3D object tracking with Syntheyes, specifically how to deal with tracking small, planar surfaces.

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