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Here's my latest visual effects video, a 3D hologram projection. The shot utilizes matchmoving, HDR lighting, and a ton of effects compositing in After Effects. Also released an in-depth tutorial going over the various steps in After Effects and 3ds Max to replicate this type of effect. Shoot me a meesage if you get stuck or need any tips.

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This site serves as the portfolio of Ryan Gallion, a Maryland-based digital artist. My focus is providing compelling graphics that make you stand out.

I've been working in graphic design for over 14 years now and have experience in just about every facet within the field. My main areas of expertise include logo design, web design, advertising materials, 3D and video effects/production.

If you have any questions or potential work feel free to drop us a line anytime and we’ll respond as soon as possible. I offer extremely competitive rates and pricing.

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